Glow Fairy Glow in the Dark Jewelry by Monique Lula

Introducing my new collection of Darklings Glow Fairy ™ glow in the dark jewelry

Glow Fairy ™

Darklings Glow Fairy ™

At night some of the more shy fairies come out. My little Darklings Glow Fairy ™ are inspired by the little pixies of the shadows that come out during various stages of the Night, Twilight, and Sunset! Featuring art by Monique Lula, inspired by pretty fairies flying under the moon and trees.

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glow fairy lantern

Rainbow Glow Fairy ™ Lantern

Great gift for the fairy finder in all of us! You can dangle these little glow lanterns near a lamp in your room and they will glow long throughout the night! Professionally handmade in smoke-free studio! Made with non toxic materials and is not made of glass so will not shatter. I handwire each and make them with lots of love.

I have always loved fairies, and have collected them since I was a little girl. I have fond memories as a child in my Grandmother's garden, where she would hide little fairies in her flower pots (actually little ballerina ice cream toppers) and show me from a distance. She would flash a little compact mirror behind her back onto the ceiling, and we watched fairies flutter across the ceiling. I have been making fairy inspired jewelry since the late nineties and now have lots and lots of glow in the dark fairy jewelry. I try to capture a little bit of magic in every piece, as fairies are emotional creatures just like you and I. :) I have been making Fairy Jewelry since my teens. Welcome to my journey.

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Glow Fairy ™

Fairy Wallpaper

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